Website Page Speed Optimization

I can help speed up your Wordpress site to load blazingly fast

WPMeer Optimization Service can provide the following:

  • Enable Browser caching
  • Enable GZip Compression
  • Optimize CSS & Javascript files
  • Defer Parsing of JavaScript Files
  • Combine Javascript & CSS files where appropriate
  • Prefetch key DNS requests
  • Optimize .htaccess
  • Optimize Google Fonts and plugins
  • Reliable service you can trust

I can also help with

Advanced Image Optimisation

Serving your optimised images from a CDN not only reduces load on your server but ensures that you page speed  is as fast as possible.  The Advanced Image Optimisation service includes compressing, resizing and serving your images from a CDN in a web friendly format (WebP).

Any new images you add to your Wordpress website after you have received this service will be automatically processed meaning your site will continue to perform long after I’ve finished with it 🙂

Contact me with your requirements, I will review them (and your site) and I will provide my feedback and a quote.

WPMeer loves to help with everything you need to create an awesome website!

Enjoy a fast loading website

Improve your conversion rate

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