Project Description

This website was a joy.  Anneke is such a talented photographer, all the images she supplied for the site were top-notch.  This piece of work was an installation service with some customisation and configuring to get it just right.   Anneke is tech savvy enough to add her own content whilst I was there cheer-leading her on and providing any support and advise she needed.  The theme chosen was the “Simple & Elegant” theme from WIThemes who has provided super fast support for the occasional issue (even after our included support period had run out).

Project Details

So happy with WPMeer's work, so professional! Working with Miriam was very easy to work with, she took the time to understand my wishes and translated them into a wonderful website. I am very pleased with her services and the result.


Anneke de Smit - VermueOwner - Anneke Veronica Photography