Frequently Asked Questions

I do not currently provide services for multi-site installations.  All websites will be carefully assessed before I approve the plan/job.  Large/complex websites with 25+ plugins installed may require a custom maintenance plan.
No.  SEO is a dark art and not a service I provide :)
No - unfortunately I don't currently provide services for multi-site installations.
No problem, I’m always happy to provide a one-time task for any jobs you’d like me to carry out. Check out my WordPress Quick Fix service
Yes, you will need a plan per website.  However a discount can be made available if you take out multiple plans - contact me for more information.
I always try to ensure compatibility before I update plugins, themes or WordPress versions. In the rare cases when I get unexpected results I will quickly repair the issue. Maintenance packages include website/database backups so in the worst case scenario I can roll back the updates and your site will continue to operate as before. I will of course let you know that there have been issues and provide advise on how to go forward.
At a minimum I will need a WordPress Admin login (login URL, username & password). I may also need Hosting control panel login, FTP details and access to the latest versions of any paid themes. The details you provide remains safe and secure with me and are only used it when there is a need for it in a job with prior notification. For eg: Hosting/FTP details require for migration, or changing the core theme files or plugin files.
I always try to minimise downtime for your site so I'll ask you when the best time is to perform updates. I recommend that you implement a custom WordPress Maintenance Mode Page rather than use the built-in one, to give your customers a better experience.
If your hosting provider has a one-click PHP version setting that I can use to select the desired PHP version, then yes, we can use that if a PHP update is requested. You will need to provide your hosting panel login credentials. If this option is not available, then no, it will be up to your host to update the PHP version of your site or server.